A more plausible climate change conspiracy

“Lord” Christopher Monckton re-entered our fading memories last night in the Hamster Wheel, where it was suggested he was in fact a Sacha Baron Cohen creation replete with his own brand of unselfconscious ridiculousness and kooky prejudices. But what was overlooked was the frightening possibility that Monckton’s global warming, or rather global cooling theory, could well be correct. Known in the scientific community as that guy with the eyes, has no one considered the effect Monckton’s bulbous peepers could be having on the earth’s climate? This pictogram below demonstrates how Monckton could “win” the debate:

Beware the Lord's chilling stare


New TV show ideas

#1: Do a show like “Punk’d” called “Jones’d”, where unsuspecting lefties are put in chaff bags, thrown out to sea and forced to swim to shore. When (or if) they get back to land Alan Jones is there with a film crew where he tells them they’ve been “Jones’d!” and everyone laughs.

#2 Continuing the ABC’s proud tradition of program titles that end in -ies. From the makers of Crownies …

comes a groundbreaking new series. Delve into the enthralling world of restlessness, uncontrollable wailing, dummy spits and nappy changes in … Babies

I concede this is a particularly weak idea

The Devine right to write crap

In Miranda Devine’s column in the Daily Telegraph yesterday she managed to weave an interesting web of gender politics, nuclear families, Penny Wong and the London riots. Even if you were able to disentangle yourself from this convolution of myriad thought bubbles it still proved difficult to make sense of it all, to discover one coherent point. Tenuous Link experts were however applauding her ability to connect the news of Penny Wong and her partner’s baby to the riots in London being the product of a “fatherless society”.